This is the purchase of our 4th house. I can honestly say that I never had such a good real estate agent! Linda is very thorough, honest, genuine and overall a great person.

Susan and Rob Smith

Linda went above and beyond for us and my mother who sold her home two months before us. Linda had both of our houses sold the same day they went up for sale and for both we got more than the asking price. Linda’s friendly and honest personality made this experience such a positive one. She is truly so kind and good at her job. She is a great asset to her company!

Beth and Wayne Garnett

I would like to specifically highlight Linda’s exceptional work ethic and communication with us throughout the entire process.

Carolyn Smith and Mark Rowe

Linda is amazing! She is very thorough and I would highly recommend her to others!

Angela Pugh

Linda, thank you very much for everything! We are so lucky that we met you when we just arrived to Saint John. You are a great person and that is the best part of moving as much as we do, we get to know people as beautiful and nice as you that we will never forget.

Maria and Ricardo Solano

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